Industry solutions

Industry solutions

FESCO provides transportation of equipment and special-purpose machinery for agricultural, forest and mining industries.

How to increase your profit by 11%

• Let's assume that your company's annual revenue is $10,000,000 with the margin of 5% ($500,000)
• On average, logistics costs in Russia account for 15% of revenue, or $1,500,000
• According to FESCO customers, 70% of the logistics cost structure, or $1,050,000, is attributed to mainline transportation
• If you reduce transport costs by 5%, the savings will be $52,500
• With this savings, the company's annual profit will increase by 11%
• The same increase in profit can be achieved when revenue increases by $1,000,000

FESCO capabilities

  • 21
    vessels with the capacity of over 355,000 tons
  • >94500 TEU
    TEU in the container park
  • >250
    voyages per year
  • 3
    terminals and Commercial Port of Vladivostok in possession
  • >100
    ports of call all over the world

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